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Can you trust the claims and offers being made by recycling companies regarding settlements and free processors?

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Can you trust the claims and offers being made by recycling companies regarding settlements and free processors?

Have you ever received a phone call from one or more cremation recyclers, claiming they provide the highest cremation metal settlements?  How is it possible that multiple recyclers can all make the same claim?  No two containers of post cremation metal contain the exact same quantity of precious metals (palladium, gold, platinum & silver), and non-precious metals (titanium, cobalt-chrome, iron-molybdenum, zinc, aluminum & copper).  So, because each container is unique, even if you sent two containers of equal weight (i.e. 75 lbs. ea.), to two different recyclers, it would be difficult for you to determine which recycler paid out the highest settlements. Also, there is currently no practicable method available to crematories to analyze and identify the types and amounts of precious and non-precious metals in-house, prior to sending them to your recycler.  So, be wary of hype and boastful claims, especially those that appear to be too good to be true and resist the temptation to jump from one recycler to the next, in pursuit of higher settlements.

So, how do you determine which recycler is the best choice for your crematory?  You may want to consider the following: How long have they been recycling?  How many crematories do they recycle for?  Do they have any testimonial letters?  Does their settlement check come with a detailed statement showing a breakdown in metals and a value for each metal?  Do they offer a customer rewards program? Can you use your settlement to purchase cremation supplies or equipment? Do they provide free supplies, free shipping, and any free processing tools to aid in the recovery of metal? Do they provide any operator training (on site, or via a training video)?  Are they responsive to your calls and needs? Do they provide timely and hassle-free pickups? Do they accept all metal, including dental, casket hardware, medical prosthetics, and pacemakers?  Do they operate with integrity and ethics? As you can see, there are often many factors to consider when choosing your cremation metal recycler.


Have you ever read about, or received an offer for the use of a free automatic processor?  You might wonder how these recyclers can afford to install and maintain processors valued at well over $20,000 free of charge.  The answer is that the recycler’s offer is based on a crematory’s annual cremation volume, while using an automatic processor which is designed to recover more precious metal.   If for example, your crematory handled a couple hundred cremations annually, you might not qualify for a processor, whereas if you handled 1,000+ annual cremations you would probably be considered a much better prospect. For example, if a recycler estimated your annual settlements to be $30,000, they might consider it profitable to install a free processor.


Note, each recycler offering the use of a processor will have their own set of qualifications. Let’s say that your annual cremation volume is high enough to qualify you for the use of a free processor, should you accept the offer? Keep in mind that the recycler owns the processor, not the crematory, so you should carefully read the contract and weigh all the pros and cons before you make your decision.  Questions you might want to ask, include:  How long is the contract term?  Will I receive a settlement check for each container of metal sent to the recycler?  If yes, will the settlement check be significantly lower than what I normally receive?  What if my volume drops off, will I be charged for the use of the processor?  What happens if I’m not satisfied with the equipment, or the service I’m receiving? Does the contract provide for cancellation without penalty?  Who pays for any electrical wiring modifications if needed?                        Will the new processor fit in my work space?  Obtaining answers to these questions should help you decide if the use of a free processor is your best option.


As you evaluate the pros and cons of accepting a processor, keep in mind, you can always purchase or lease the same automatic processor yourself and keep 100% of your recycling settlements. In addition, your settlements might easily offset the cost of a new processor and you would maintain complete control over which recycler(s) you wish to use.


Cremation Metal Recycling, founded in 2014, is an independent, family-owned recycler, providing competitive settlements, free supplies, free operator training and superior customer service. We recycle all cremation metal, including dental, casket hardware, medical prosthetics, and pacemakers and currently service over 100 crematories throughout the United States.  In addition, we offer a customer loyalty rewards program and settlements can be used to purchase supplies and equipment from our affiliate company, New England Cremation Supply. For more information on our company, please contact Laurie or Ron at: 800-664-8365 or visit our website:



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