How It Works


After answering a few questions to set up your account, we’ll ship you 2 collection containers, along with pacemaker boxes, a screen & pan.


We will ship you 2 collection containers, a precious metal container, 2 pacemaker boxes, a screen & pan. If you have cremation metal now, you can add it to our collection container. Once the container is about ¾ full and weighs about 75 lbs, please contact us for a UPS pickup. We will fax you the shipping label, with a unique container number. Please make sure you install a plastic tie at each end of the container.


If you’re located in New England or upstate NY, we will pick up your collection containers ourselves and if you’re located outside of this area, we will arrange for a UPS pick up and delivery to our refining facility. After pick up, we will also send you replacement containers.


Your container will be delivered to our refining facility, where all metals will be sorted, cataloged and weighed. Your metal will not be co-mingled with any other client’s metal. Once all metals have been identified, we will send you a detailed settlement statement, listing the amount and value of each metal.


In approximately 30-45 days, we will issue you a statement and settlement check, or if you prefer, we will make a donation to your charity.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your outstanding service through the years. Teaching us how to extract close to, if not 100% of the metals has enabled us to adequately fund the many charitable programs that we sponsor here at Lindwood.”

Michael B. KennySuperintendent | Linwood Cemetery & Crematory


Beginning around the year 2008, cremation metal recycling has become a popular method of disposing of medical implants, dental, pacemakers and other associated metals collected during the cremation process. Prior to recycling, these metals were disposed of by burying in the ground, in a vault or placed in a landfill.

According to Industry analysts, 75%+ crematories now recycle. In some cases the settlement funds are used to help pay for crematory maintenance and operational expenses and in other cases, the crematory donates all settlement proceeds to a charity.

Those crematories who haven’t yet adopted recycling usually do so for ethical reasons or concerns. Many crematories don’t want to be seen as profiting from the sale of cremation metal. We fully understand and respect your concerns. Perhaps it would be helpful to survey your clients, especially if you shared the environmental benefits of recycling and the benefits of donating all proceeds to a charity. You might be surprised that many of your clients would approve of you recycling. In addition to donating settlements to a charity, you could also set up an escrow fund and help a needy family pay for funeral expenses. Or, perhaps there is a family in need of medical support in your community.