Cremation Metal Recycling introduces its new Customer Loyalty Program.

Effective November 1st, 2020, your cremation metal recycling settlements will now earn you 3% in supply rewards once you reach settlements of $1,000 or more. The 3% reward can then be used for the purchase of cremation supplies from our affiliate company, New England Cremation Supply. These supplies include items like: Cremation trays, containers, temporary containers, rental inserts, urns, rollers, brushes, bags, pans, gloves, tags etc. This program has no end date, so you can build your bank of rewards and use them at a future date. For example: Let’s say that starting November 1st, we’ve sent you settlement checks in the amount of $5,000.00. This amount would equal a reward of $150.00, which you can use to purchase cremation supplies. This new program is our way of demonstrating our sincere thanks and appreciation for your recycling business. For more information on how this program works, please contact Laurie @ & 800-664-8365.

A Word from Our Founder

“Our goal is to become a leader in the cremation recycling industry by providing innovative crematory operator training and personalized support, which will lead to increased recycling settlements, reduced processor maintenance, cleaner cremains and reduced crematory liability. We promise to provide fair, honest and competitive settlements to our clients or to their charities, while operating our business with the utmost ethics, integrity and accountability.”

Jerry Bowman


Cremation Metal Recycling is an independent, family-owned recycler, providing competitive settlements, free supplies, free training and superior customer service. We now provide recycling services for over 100 Funeral Homes and Crematories in the US and are well known for our integrity and family values. 

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